GA3 to GA4 Bridge

Get your Google Analytics 3 data ready for Google Analytics 4 !

    • 2+ years data to CSV
    • Stitch to your existing BigQuery if required
    • Safe, secure and satisfaction guaranteed
    • 5 minutes process, no developer required !

Pricing starts at only 49$ USD for one extraction.

Cost varies by sessions you want to extract.

Who is this for?
This is for companies and agencies that cannot afford to lose their data. Our guarantee of success means you don’t pay if you’re not happy with the extraction , no questions asked.

What is the cost To Extract GA?
You buy a number of sessions you would like to extract. You can check in Google Analytics the number of sessions you would like to extract for which timeframe.

Is it simple and fast ?
Our app makes the backup process quick and simple, so you can backup your data in just a matter of minutes. With Google discontinuing support for GA3 soon, we recommend acting quickly to backup your data before it’s too late.

What Is The Process ?
1. Add a read-only user permission to your Google Analytics account
2. Enter your information on the next page
3. Enter your payment details
4. You will receive an email, around 30 minutes after, when the extraction is complete.

Why Backup My GA3 Data?

It’s critical to understand that Google Analytics 3’s support is will mean you will lose critical data about your business.
Any historical data you have accumulated over time will be lost unless you take action to immediately.

Don’t let your valuable website data go to waste. Backup your GA3 data today and gain peace of mind knowing that you’ll have access to historical data on your website’s performance and user behavior.

Fortunately, backing up your GA3 data is easy with our new app! By backing up your GA3 data, you can ensure that you have access to historical data on your website’s performance and user behavior even

Not only that, but you can also bridge this data to GA4 and analyze it alongside your current GA4 data to get a complete picture of your website’s performance and user behavior.

Try our app now and experience the benefits of backing up your GA3 data for yourself!

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